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Price American Auxiliary Unit 3 set to distribute poppies to community

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 3 Poppy Program THANKS YOU for supporting our VETERANS and their families.

For more than 90 years the American Legion Auxiliary has distributed the memorial poppy to remind Americans that millions sacri?ced their lives and health to keep our nation free.

During World War I, the poppy ?ourished on the battle?elds of Flanders Fields among the shelled buildings and bomb-scarred landscape. like the blood became a sign of hope and renewal. For those who would never leave, those who had given their lives, it is a perpetual memorial to their bravery.

The American Legion Auxiliary poppy is handmade by Veterans who receive a small stipend for each poppy made. Memorial poppy Contributions are devoted entirely to rehabilitation and assistance for Veterans and their families. Wearing a poppy can honor the sacri?ces made by our service members while assisting the living.

On behalf of the Veterans, thank you for caring. The Price Unit 3 American Legion Auxiliary will be out distributing poppies on May 23 and 24, at the following locations; Sutherlands, Smiths, Fresh Market, Senior Citizen Center and Wal-Mart if weather is permitting.

For more information on the American Legion Auxiliary's Poppy Program call your local Auxiliary Unit 3 at 650-4398.

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