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Rube Goldberg machine fills classroom at Pinnacle School

Art and design students work to fine tune the Rube Goldberg machine which needed exact timing and velocity to work correctly.
The students used materials of every kind to construct the machine.
The machine challenged students to bring six sections together as one.

Pinnacle High instructor Anthony Cilli provided his students with a unique challenge this year: constructing their own Rube Goldberg machine.

The Rube Goldberg is a deliberately over-engineered device which is named for its inventor, American cartoonist Rube Goldberg. At Pinnacle, the students were tasked with bringing together six different sections, which ended up including between 60-75 different variables.

The Design and Art students could use any and all materials they could find and were allowed to make the contraption as simple or as complex as they wanted.

Upon completion, the machine worked out rather well, that is until the class began trying to record their accomplishment.

Once the tape was rolling, it took the high school students and their instructor over 200 attempts to correctly document a complete run through the apparatus, which filled one half of the large classroom.

A full length compilation of the student's work and finished product was recorded and Cilli hopes to post the video on YouTube provided he gets enough parental waivers signed.

The machine was constructed during the third quarter at Pinnacle High by Brian Andrews, Mikenzie Axelgard-Felice, Bodie Barker, Tiana Burton, Eric Cloward, Joshua Hughes, Yoni Mediano, Baylan Nelson, Phillip Oliver, Cody Dean Sanchez, Skylor Stewart, James Stoddard, Jazmyn Westbrook and Taewoong Yoon.

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