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Volunteers are at the heart of 'No Grave Unadorned' project

Flowers by the bucketload are arriving daily at the newspaper office.

Flowers are coming from all over into the Sun Advocate office for the No Grave Unadorned project.

It's an ongoing process as the Memorial Day holiday approaches.

Last year more than 1,500 people volunteered to make flowers and place them on graves in Carbon and Emery counties. It was a resounding success story for volunteerism in the local community. The goal was to make sure every grave in every cemetery in the two county area would have a flower on them for Memorial Day.

As of Wednesday, the count of flowers had gone to 20,000. That means we are about half way to our goal of 40,000 flowers to cover all the graves.

Around town various groups are helping to make the dream come true. Everyone from boy scouts to women's groups, from churches to workplaces are making flowers.

Of course all this takes materials and while many have donated supplies, others have donated money to the cause.

For those wanting to put together flowers, new materials are on hand at the Sun Advocate office at 845 East Main Street, so there is plenty to go around.

The placement of the flowers will take place starting on Saturday May 18 and will proceed through the entire week until the project is done. That is projected to be on Friday May 25 just before the long weekend.

This is a one of a kind program that has no known equals in the United States. Eastern Utah is unique in many ways, and this is just one more example of that. The volunteerism displayed by local residents has been outstanding over the years, and it appears that it will live up to its reputation again this year.

For information on donating or volunteering call Malyn Brady at 435 637-0732.

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