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Letters to the editor

By M.L. "Joe" Stock
East Carbon

Jeffersonian dreams

I feel compelled to write a rebuttal to Lou Sansevero's April 9 (Sun Advocate) letter concerning guns.

First of all the second amendment as one of the Bill of Rights that Thomas Jefferson insisted be included before he would sign the Constitution. It gives us the right to bear arms. I do not claim to be an expert on history but I believe the personal armament of that time consisted of a single loaded musket.

I don't think that Jefferson ever dreamed of an automated assault weapon that would hold a clip that holds in excess of thirty rounds.

I recently bought a Marlin lever action 30-30 that will fire the bullets faster than I can pay for them. For me to use it for my personal protection it would have to be kept loaded with a bullet in the chamber and within reach. I have five grandchildren living up the street and it would be more likely that one of them would die rather than an intruder if I kept in that state of readiness.

In response to his condemnation of the liberal left, I want to introduce him to the most liberal man ever. His name is Jesus Christ. He is the only one that I know of that told a rich man to give away everything he owned to the poor. He also said in as much as you have done it to the least, you have done it to me.

Right now President Obama is the commander-in-chief of the most powerful armed service in the world. But he doesn't have the will or the authority to destroy or order the destruction of the rest of us and he doesn't have the money or the intention to build an organization that could wipe out our armed forces. If this overwhelming force is to be run and financed by any group it would have to come from the right.

I feel much more safe not worrying about the government or the force that the Team Party imagines Obama is trying to form than if some gun nut with an arsenal of assault weaponry moved into my neighborhood.

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