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Letters to the Editor

By Don Justesen

Bet on it

Want to make a few sure bets?

Bet on a new five-star prison. Bet on 700 plus acres of McMansions on the current prison site. Bet on government officials, lobbyists and contractors ramming it through. We already know who will get richer and who will foot the bill.

Remember the Olympics? Joklik, DeeDee, Johnson, et al? Romney had to save us. And look at the TRAX mess. All were shoved down our throats by crooks and sychophantic media.

Are we sheep? I guess we have been.

Then now want wolves in Utah; let them be us. Let's stop this prison nonsense. I hatge to pay state taxes. Now that we are all wolves, let's howl!

Let's help out our beautiful state before it's too late.

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