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Open house slated at training tower

The United States Bureau of Land Management cautions Castle Valley residents to comply with the camping guidelines implemented on the San Rafael Swell. Since the motorized route designation plan was established last February, the federal land management agency is striving to educate potential campers regarding the guidelines currently in place. The Price BLM office is ushering in a task force comprised of representatives from multiple agencies to assist visitors and patrol the Swell. Task force members will work on the ground handing out maps and brochures, answering questions and, when necessary, issuing warnings or citations to individuals camping in areas on the San Rafael designated as closed.

Eric Allred, Steve Carlson, Greg Louder and Carey Seals look down from a third floor landing at the fire training tower near the county fairgrounds. Agencies across the area will use the facility to train for emergency rescue and fire repression starting later in the year.

Price Fire Chief Kent Boyack indicated the department wanted to present an open house for the public before 'burns' were conducted at the facility.

'I was told by another fire department that, once a fire had been burned in a tower , it wasn't a good idea to have the public go through it,' explained Boyack. 'Everything gets black and sooty in there and visitors would get very dirty touring the tower.'

The department will stage an open house at the tower Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. Residents will tour the facility and activities planned for the event will include demonstrations of techniques like repelling.

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