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Escapee caught, cuffed, booked into Carbon Jail

Manuel Mitcheson

Sun Advocate reporter

Three days after bolting from Price Police headquarters without shoes or a shirt, Manuel Mitcheson, 20, was apprehended by Emery County Sheriff's deputies without incident in Huntington on the morning of April 4.

The strange set of occurrences that culminated in Mitcheson's arrest began on April 1 when Price City Police officers brought the young man in for questioning without half of his clothing. According to police, the suspect was given a sweatshirt just before his escape.

Mitcheson ran from department headquarters in northeast Price at approximately 3:30 p.m., according to police. At 3:36, he entered a nearby home but was chased away by a woman wielding a pair of scissors. He ran through several backyards and alleys, dropping the black hooded sweatshirt he was given by police as he ran.

After dodging a perimeter set by multiple local law enforcement agencies, Mitcheson was last seen in the vicinity of 800 North and 800 East.

For the next three days, police ran down the suspect's known acquaintances and acted on tips from the public narrowing down the suspects possible whereabouts.

"We received multiple tips on Thursday that he was in Huntington and spent most of that evening looking for him in Emery County," said Price Police Capt. Bill Barnes. "We didn't get him Thursday night but Emery officers kept on the trail and picked him up Friday morning at around 10:30 a.m."

The suspect was reportedly hiding at a residence where he was not welcome and will face additional charges in connection with that property. Mitcheson was booked for several offenses after being transported back to Carbon County, including the three warrants, burglary and escape.

When asked about the suspect's demeanor following the transport, Barnes commented that Mitcheson was quiet and very cooperative upon his return to Price.

"I don't know why he ran," concluded the captain. "He knew he had been detained, that was clear. I think he just saw an opportunity and went for it."

In addition to the multiple offenses Mitcheson now faces, he was also questioned in connection with another ongoing Price City investigation following his arrest.

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