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Terrie Saccomanno is SE Utah Woman of the Year

Southeastern Utah Woman of the Year Terrie Saccomano.

Terrie Saccomanno is Southeastern Utah's Woman of the Year for 2013.

She received the honor at Utah State University Eastern's 34th Women's Conference Friday on the Price Campus. Saccomanno, a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, began beaming even before her name was mentioned. It happened when Ann Anderson, the 2012 winner, spoke the words, "She even brings treats for all the dogs she encounters on her way."

After that, all the hints about her identity fell into place:

She spent hours taking her disabled father to medical and therapy treatments, gaining skills she now uses in volunteer work with children and adults;

She works in the pool with autistic children and disabled people;

She has even done physical therapy on animals;

When her boss was injured and paralyzed, she would not accept the prognosis that he would never walk again. She spent up to six hours a day helping him to recover. He walks today.

Saccomanno was speechless, but as she left the stage after receiving the award, she did say her boss was great.

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