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PRWID board rolls back the calendar a bit at request of Habitat for Humanity

Sun Advocate associate editor

Back in 2010, Habitat for Humanity thought that every "i" was dotted and every "t" crossed in the permitting process for a new home the group wanted to build in Wellington.

That was not quite the case.

As it turned out, when the charitable organization went to get its hookups from Wellington and the Price River Water Improvement District, the "fee waived" statement on the building permit applied only to the county building inspector's charges.

When Habitat, represented by Carolyn Randall, asked for a fee waiver from Wellington in February for culinary and secondary water, the council said they'd like to help but legally could not. That's about $300 for each connection.

The story from PRWID was almost the same, but with one crucial difference. The district, like the city, could not waive fees for any connection.

However, when Randall asked it the district could at least charge 2010 fees instead of 2013's, PRWID checked with its lawyer. It could be done. The board okayed the request Tuesday.

As a result, Habitat will pay $1,125, saving about $2,000.

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