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Letters to the editor

By Carl Kem

Get some courage

I am fed up with this imposter we have for President. If Obama really gave a damn about America, he'd use his head.

The economy sucks and the fuel prices are bad enough it's hurting everyone. Now think about this for just a minute. How could he fix that?

Simple. Knock the fuel price down by one third and then lock the price. More people would travel, more money coming in through fuel and sales taxes, prosperity would not be right away but it'd be a hell of a lot quicker than what we have now, and it won't hurt the big oil tycoons.

So Obama, are you trying to do? Re-build America or destroy it? I suggest that you either you get some courage and help us rebuild America or shut up and get out of our way.

America's going under, and we don't have time for slackers.

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