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Pedestal ready for Kokopelli's new home

The statue will stand on this pedestal soon.

Sun Advocate reporter

After much debate and questioning over where a famous statue should be placed within Price City, city officials said the new home should be ready in time for the summer.

And what familiar statue might the Price City officials be talking about?

Why Kokopelli, of course.

Since being removed from his place in the middle of the intersection of Main Street and 100 West in October 2010, Kokopelli has been stored away at the Price City domes while the city searched for a new permanent home.

Gary Sonntag, Price City Public Works director, said the city has been working on a concrete pedestal located at 100 East and 100 North near the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum that will become the new home for the Native American statue. Sonntag said the city is looking at surrounding the ground around the statue with red rock to help enhance the area.

Sonntag said the city is planning on having the pedestal completed and the statue in place before International Days but stopped short of giving a specific date of completion citing the city's desire to have an unveiling celebration.

Kokopelli was removed from its previous location at 100 W. and Main Street in October 2010 by the city after being in place for about five years. City officials cited the statue's removal from that location due to the hazard it posed to drivers at the intersection. Some drivers did not understand what to do, such as viewing the statue as a turnabout or whether to turn in front or behind the statue, which has led to accidents over the years.

"It was not a good spot for the statue. The city wants to move it to a safer place where people can enjoy it more," Sonntag said when it was removed. The city paid local artist Gary Prazen $40,000 to create the bronze statue.

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