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'Business After Hours' at Holiday Inn


Sun Advocate publisher

It was a holiday evening not long before the Easter holiday on Tuesday night.

The Holiday Inn hosted the Carbon Chamber of Commerce's quarterly Business After Hours program and one of the highlights was the Easter egg hunt that the attendees participated in at the end of the program.

Holiday Inn general manager Barbie Deleeuw and director of sales Kim Marshall were excited to show off the lodging property and some new wrinkles that have been put in place in the last few months.

The hotel was built in the 1980s and started as the Carbon Hotel. It then became a Day's Inn and later a Radisson Inn. But for many they can't remember a time when it wasn't the Holiday Inn.

The group that came saw a slide program as well as feasted on several delicious types of finger foods and desserts. Then they were taken on a tour of the hotel.

The tour began in the ballroom and into the lobby, as the group admired the new carpet that was put in not long ago. A tour of the pool area and its amenities was followed by a trip to a luxurious suite. The group then toured the Castle Ranch Steakhouse and stopped in front of the Skylight Lounge.

It was then (before anyone had a drink) that the group was released to look for Easter eggs in all the areas the group toured. Afterward Easter baskets were awarded for those that collected the most plastic Easter eggs.

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