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CHS Dino gets 13 million votes, finishes 2nd in national polling

Sun Advocate associate editor

The Carbon High School dinosaur mascot racked up more votes than all but one competitor. The 13,089,518 tally wasn't enough to take first place in USA Today's Most Unique Mascot Contest.

The Centralia, Ill. Orphans took that title with about 25.4 million.

Still, the Dinos' second place finish was enough to win a $1,000 cash prize for the school.

How the money will be spent has yet to be decided. One student suggested that either buying a new mascot costume or a party for the students would be a good use for it.

Athletic Director Ted Bianco agrees that the party for the students and community would be a good idea.

It was mainly the students who did the voting,you see. Unlike the laws governing political elections, this contest allowed multiple votes. A Carbon High partisan could sit in front of a computer monitor for hours, casting ballot after electronic ballot.

And, in an outpouring of determination, that's exactly what the students did. They got a lot of backing from the rest of the county.

"Second place in the nation is an excellent finish," Bianco declared, adding that the Dinos were up against some pretty "classy" competition along the way. He said the Orphans were great competitors.

"I am proud of our student body and community. It was great to see so much enthusiasm," Bianco continued. He ended his comments with one word: "Awesome."

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