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Letters to the editor

By Carl Kem

Gas prices

Last summer I got in trouble over a miscommunication I had when I forgot to add details to a beef I have over pricing.

The issue that disturbs me so much is the cost of gas. I hear this BS about the cost of transportation and refining and personnel, and yada

yada yada.

Last year about this time I did a letter to the editor about just that. And that was the huge profit the oil giants are bragging about. The oil giants whine about making only a few pennies per gallon, but they somehow reap the best third quarter profits in Lord knows how long. How the hell do they do that?

But what gets me is how I would save an awful lot by going to even Moab during tourist season, in comparison to buying gas in Green River. I saw up to 20 cents per gallon difference in Moab and sometimes 30 cents per gallon difference in Price.

Saving money in a tourist mecca during tourist season? Unheard of! Unless you're buying gas in Green River.

Now, do the math. When I'm going out of town to take care of business affairs, I'm looking at buying fuel around 120 gallons in one shot.

Using today's price in Price but also using the differences seen last

summer.... that's $393.48 in Price, $405.48 in Moab, and $429.48 in

Green River.

Getting fuel in Moab would save me approx. $24, whereas Price would save me approx. $36. Then the money I save on buying supplies in either place. It's a snowball effect.

So that's my beef about prices. I was already warned that I would likely be 86'd from the gas stations in Green River for this, because it's so hard for them to make a living.

Well, I disagree.

The corporate burglars don't live in Green River. And they are burglars, but not just in Green River, but everywhere you buy gas. They charge you an arm and a leg for poor quality gas they add chemicals to making it worse in hopes of making it far as I'm concerned they are essentially mugging the customer. That's me and you.

Even if you think you stand for the environment, you still have to buy gas.

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