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Guest column

Representative District 69

Veto override session likely

There has been a lot of controversy over this 'gun bill,' and it has been chiefly due to misinformation concerning the intent of the bill.

As the law now stands, if you are out in the wild lands hunting or perhaps doing normal ranching activities and the weather turns bad, if you put on your raincoat and cover yourself and weapon, you are in danger of breaking the law. If you get back to the pick-up and throw your jacket over your handgun in the front seat you may be in danger of being arrested for having a concealed weapon. There are instances of people being arrested for "Disturbing the Peace" if they are brandishing a weapon in public. Even exercising your constitutional right to 'carry' can get you in trouble if an officer suspects that there is an imminent threat.

HB076 the Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments would save you from the threat of arrest if you are age 21 or over and have no personal restrictions on your Constitutional Right to carry a weapon and are not acting in a threatening manner.

There is no change at all on the requirements for a Concealed Weapon Carry Permit. Instructions on gun law, training on the proper use of a weapon, and safe practice are still required.

This bill would make it legal for you to cover up your weapon to prevent the 'outrage' or fear that might come from the public viewing your weapon, or to protect your weapon in bad weather.

There are no other changes.

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