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Legal Notice of Decision

  Legal Notice of Decision
USDA Forest Service
Manti - La Sal National Forest

	On February 13, 2013, Allen Rowley, Responsible Official/Acting
Forest Supervisor signed a Decision Memo for the Emery Telephone Trail
Mountain Line Special Use Permit Renewal. The decision authorizes
Emery Telcom to continue to occupy National Forest System lands for
the purpose of operating and maintaining a telephone line in
Cottonwood Canyon in Emery County, Utah. The Decision Memo is
available at the Manti - La Sal National Forest Supervisor's Office,
599 West Price River Dr., Price, UT 84501 or online at  

	A Legal Notice informing the general public of the proposed action
was published in the Price Sun Advocate newspaper on June 12, 2012 and
was posted to the Manti-La Sal National Forest website on February 14,
2011. A scoping letter was also sent to various agencies,
organizations, and individuals.  No comments were received therefore;
this decision is not subject to appeal pursuant to 36 CFR 215.12. 
Implementation may begin immediately.

	The U.S. Department of Agriculture is an equal opportunity provider
and employer.
Published in the Sun Advocate March 14, 2013.

These legal notices, along with those from other fine Utah newspapers, can be viewed at

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