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Winners of Castle Valley Junior High Solo and Ensemble Festival

All Around Musician (Superior Rating in all three venues)

Daryl Gumon - Canyon View

Bridger Ivie - Canyon View

Vivian Baker - Mont Harmon

Sadie Crompton - Mont Harmon

Outstanding Piano Solo

Vanessa Snow - Mont Harmon, "Festival of the Clouds"

Honorable Mention Piano Solo

Zac Fauver - San Rafael

Stetler Tanner - Canyon View

Vivian Baker - Mont Harmon

Shem Guymon - Canyon View

Daryl Guymon - Canyon View

Outstanding Female Vocal Soloist

Shianne Cooper - Helper, "Pie Jesu"

Outstanding Male Vocal Soloist

Micah Bass - Canyon View, "O Divine Redeemer"

Outstanding Vocal Ensemble

"Homeward Bound" - Canyon View

Mikah Bass, Beau Ivie, Bridger Ivie,

Daryl Guymon, Taigon Pulli, Allen Durrant

Honorable Mention Vocal Solo

Gabe Van Dyke - Mont Harmon

Nathaniel Hall - Canyon View

Tavery Larsen - Mont Harmon

Honorable Mention Vocal Ensemble

Mikah Bass, Aniston Curtis - Canyon View

Outstanding Instrumental Solo

Kenneth Chiara - Helper, Trombone Solo

Sadie Crompton - Mont Harmon, Flute Solo

Outstanding Instrumental Ensemble

Bryndee Anderson, Mikelle Monson - Mont Harmon, Keyboard Duet

Honorable Mention Instrumental Solo

Daryl Guymon - Canyon View

Paul Bryner - Mont Harmon

Vivian Baker - Mont Harmon

Zade Carrillo - Mont Harmon

Brettlyn Tuttle - San Rafael

Tylee Lester - San Rafael

Garrett Rowley - Canyon View

Race Nielsen - Canyon View

Kaili Merrell - Canyon View

Ashlyn Hilliard - Canyon View

Honorable Mention Instrumental Ensemble

"Country Dance" - San Rafael

Lester Tylee, Sydney Timothy, Angelina Giroux

"Theme from Water Music" - Canyon View

Shem Guymon, Skyler Sitterud, Travis Fehlberg,

Taigon Pulli, Alexa Cook, Justin Jennings

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