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By Mary Vansickle

Paper mistaken

I am writing this letter to you to point out an error made by Kevin Scannell and Richard Shaw.

I am writing about the article on the front page of the Sun Advocate dated March 7, 2013. This article was about the mascot of Carbon High. I know about the mascot. It is not the T-Rex but, the smaller cousin, if you will, the Allosaurus. This other dinosaur looked a lot like the T-Rex but there are some important differences that make it so much diferent.

First the Allausour was much smaller than the T-Rex. It came in to the picture after the T-Rex was no longer around. The etire body was smaller except for the upper arms, and it's head was shaped differently. I credit most of my knowledge to a class I took at C.E.U. This last little bit of information about the upper arms, I give credit to a program on television. The man giving this information is an expert on dinosaurs. According to this expert the T-Rex, while looking like he was top dog, so to speak, could only eat what what was already dead making it a scavenger. His upper arms were too short to hold it's prey unlike the Allosaorus, which had much longer upper arms. This meant it could, hold the prey it killed.

In looking at the picture from the 1935 Carbon High yearbook, that dinosaur looked to me more like an herbivore or plant eater, than a carnivore or meat eater.

Granted, the two men who did research for their portions of the article, did have something correct but, they did not dig deep enough.

I enjoyed the article. I graduated from Carbon High in 1968 and Al the Allosaurus was the Carbon High mascot then and I hope it will be for many years to come.

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