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Letters to the editor

By Walt Borla


I am somewhat disappointed in the Sun Advocate's lack of coverage of the Utah State Legislature that is now in progress. Nary a word on the what is going on at the state capitol building and the vital issues being debated.

A year ago when Christine Watkins was a member of the House of Representatives she submitted columns regarding her activity in the body. I am sure Sun Advocate readers are interested in knowing how their representatives are voting on the various bills coming up in the respective houses.Rarely are we able to find out in the Salt Lake dailies how the local legislators voted on the issues.

One ray of light came this week when the Tribune reported that State Senator David Hinkins had commendably voted against moving the state prison.

I believe the situation is a two way street, the legislators have a responsibility of informing their constituents of their activity and at the same time the local newspapers have this same responsibly of reporting on legislative action without the personal input by the legislator.

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