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Burglar 'attacks' locks at 3 Price businesses, steals cash from King Koal, China Buffet

Sun Advocate reporter

Three Price city businesses were pilfered early Wednesday as a burglar or burglars came in the front door and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash from the King Coal Theater and China Buffet.

According to Price City Police Capt. Bill Barnes, three locations, across Price were damaged during the crime spree as an unknown thief "attacked the lock mechanisms" at the King Coal Theater and UPS Store in the Castle Rock Square as well as the China Buffet at the Price River Drive Shopping Center.

"When I heard of the crimes I suspected that we had a smash and grab job. But we found out that the individuals had not damaged the glass on the doors to these businesses but instead had been able to get through the locks," he said.

While investigators are not sure if the crimes are related, similar techniques and entry locations were discovered as police arrived.

After gaining access to the King Coal, the suspect attempted to break into the theater's safe but left without taking any other valuables. Several areas were gone through but the location's electronics were not damaged.

Police were not sure whether the suspect had attempted to break into the UPS Store before or after the King Coal was robbed.

"Many times theft is a crime of opportunity," said Barnes. "People will look for an easy target. I have known criminals who will try doors until they find something open, never planning to break into anything."

The captain suspects that this particular suspect was spooked during his attempt on UPS, possibly by traffic coming through the parking area.

According to Barnes, the investigators suspect that these crimes took place during the early morning hours and are currently looking for one suspect.

"Right now this doesn't appear to be linked to any crimes we have investigated in the past and we would be happy to take any information the public might have to offer," he said.

Anyone with information concerning the break-ins can call the Price Police at 636-3190.

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