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Beating victim can't remember assault, police looking for clues

Sun Advocate publisher

A man found lying in a Price street early in the morning of Feb.28 in the area of 400 East and 200 South is now recovering from injuries he got from what appears to be severe beating.

John Jacob Robertson, 29, of Price was found alive but barely conscious when police arrived after two people called 911 at 1 a.m. He had a severe contusion on his head, a broken tooth and back injuries. He was dressed in only blue jeans and socks.

Robertson was immediately transported to Castleview Hospital, where it was determined he needed further care and he was transported to an upstate hospital. There he was in ICU for three days, but now is recovering from his injuries.

What happened, no one knows for sure.

"We have a few leads, but to be honest, he can't remember what happened to him," said Captain Bill Barnes, of the Price Police Department on Wednesday morning. "He was intoxicated when the officers found him, but we don't think he just fell down in the road and caused those injuries. The injuries are consistent with being beaten."

Barnes said Robertson has been very cooperative and they are following a few leads. No witnesses have come forward about what happened that morning.

Anyone having information about the beating or what happened to Robertson are urged to call the Price Police Department at 435 636-3190.

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