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Human flesh for dinner? All part of Global Week

Emily Williams, Jane Prefumo and Shadayah Jones add grafitti to the "Berlin Wall" in the Student Center.

Sun Advocate publisher

Last week many students at USU Eastern traveled to five different continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas.

And they did it without ever leaving the campus in Price.

The idea was the brainchild of Fernando Alcántar, the Director of Student Life at the college.

"We want to expose students to the world, to the different ways people live," he said on Friday, which was Oceania day, where a roast pig, head and all, would be served in the cafeteria so students could experience how many in that area of the world eat. "We have done a lot of things. For example last night the kids built cardboard shacks and lived in them overnight in the ballroom here at the student center. It gave them a chance to see how people have to live in some places."

To attend the students had to secure a "passport" and have visas filled out for each area they were intending to travel to.

The week began in Asia where the students were told "You might be surprised by what some people are forced to eat." A documentary called "Human Flesh; It's what's for dinner" was shown. Later a there was an Asian dinner experience as well as an activity on how to make sushi. The evening ended with table tennis.

On Tuesday students were exposed to Africa, with discussion about many events including the pirates that have been troubling the shipping lanes ("The Pirates of the Caribbean were amateur; these guys are professionals"). Later the students viewed the documentary "Kony 2012" the story of how Joseph Kony had been recruiting invisible children in Africa to be child soldiers. Later that evening there was African style cuisine and soccer, African style.

Wednesday brought about the American's with social awareness based not on just the United States but from "pole to shining pole." The question of what the word American means "may be or not be what you think" was posed. That evening brought about Latin American food and the U.S. Army Band playing in the BDAC.

Thursday students learned about Europe. The main question of the day was "What does Europes current economy have to do with you?" Later in the day the documentary "Against All Odds" was shown and a presentation on the one of the darkest parts of the continents history was given concerning the Nazi concentration camps. That night there was a European experience dinner.

Also on Thursday, and mixed in with other days as well were various events such as the USU

Eastern Toga Olympics and the shanty town competition.

Fridays Oceania day was one in which students were asked to think about their privilege of enjoying a higher education, but what if things were different. After the roast pig dinner that night there was a walk on burning coals. That night there was a Global dance after a session on a number of international dances was given. Music from around the world was played. It culminated with a raffle for students that had their visas stamped from each of the weeks venues.

All week a temporary wall was set up in the lobby of the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center and it was deemed the "Berlin Wall." Students were asked to post their thoughts and messages of love on it.

Global week is expected to now become an annual event at the college.

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