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Powder goes 'poof' at Post Office, Hazmat team says no danger

Sun Advocate publisher

An envelope that had a powdered substance come out of it during handling operations at the Price Post Office on Thursday morning drew some concern from postal employees.

The situation was reported about 10 a.m. to the Price Police Department and the County Sheriff's Office, who sent a Hazardous Materials disposal team to the building.

The substance, however, turned out to be harmless.

"We examined the envelope and it turns out that someone put a powdered drink packet in it," said Jason Llewelyn, the director of the Hazardous Materials team. "I guess when it went through a mail sorting machine it just kind of went poof and spread the powder around."

All precautions were taken with a County Ambulance team showing up as well.

Generally those that send anything hazardous through the mail to someone doesn't put their address on the envelope. In this case the mailing had a return address on it.

The whole incident was resolved in less than an hour.

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