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Law enforcement finds lots of bruises upon arrival

Sun Advocate reporter

Multiple law enforcement agencies converged on the parking area which surrounds Price's Holiday Inn Saturday night amid reports of an assault in progress.

Once the dust cleared, all three men involved would require medical attention with one suspect needing transport to the Utah Valley Medical Center.

According to Price City Police Sgt. Tracy Allred, the incident began when the bouncer at the Holiday Inn's Sports Page Bar sent two patrons packing.

"The gentlemen were reportedly overly intoxicated at the bar and they were asked to leave," explained the Price Seargent. "They initially did leave but returned."

Allred reported that the two men, identified as Jeffrey Salas, 24 and Colton Bales, 30 of Price, allegedly returned to the hotel and accosted a patron in the restroom before initiating the evening's final bout. The individual who was purportedly accosted in the restroom never came forward and has yet to be identified. Salas and Bales then allegedly attacked Gerald Kelly, 50, of Price.

"He was actually on the phone with dispatch while he was chasing them," said Allred. "Once he caught up with them, another altercation broke out, leading to stitches for all involved. Alcohol was definately a major factor."

According to Allred, one of the initiating individuals was transported to Utah Valley Medical Center for treatment of head trauma following the incident. While citations were handed down at the scene, Allred explained that safety issues kept all parties out of the county jail.

"We needed to take some time to figure out what really went on, to be fair in our application of the law. Also it's an undue burden on the person being arrested if they are unable to care for themselves," he said. "Injured like that, we don't want to take anyone to the jail. We administered first aid to everyone on scene and then handed down misdemeanor citations for assault."

Both Bales and Salas were cited.

However, according to Allred, the remainder of the investigation is now in the hands of the county attorney who will review the information and make a final decision concerning additional charges.

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