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Price BLM gets money for San Rafael kiosks

Price BLM office

The Bureau of Land Man-agement (BLM) Price Field Office received grants from the Recreation Trails Program for the San Rafael Swell OHV Trail-head kiosks, and Little Wild Horse Canyon Trailhead Project. The kiosk grant will give the BLM the opportunity to build and install some improved kiosks in highly used areas in the San Rafael Swell.

The kiosks we have chosen to build are heavy duty three-tier kiosks. The kiosks will not only last longer, and hold three times the information, but they will look more professional.

The information that we will put on the kiosks is a map of the area with a marker indicating where the kiosk is located (so people will know where they are), information about nearby recreational opportunities, how to get to different sites, and motorized opportunities. The kiosk will share Tread Lightly posters with special rules about camping, staying on designated routes, and tips on how to leave no trace. Plants, animals, and geology that may be seen nearby will be high-lighted, and there will also be information on the wilderness study areas, and other land desig-nations nearby.

Kiosks will be installed at Little Wild Horse, Temple Mountain, Behind the Reef, Swaseys Cabin, Exit 131, Black Dragon, Justensen Flats, Bellevue Flat (near Coal Wash), and possibly the Green River Cutoff road off of Highway 6.

The BLM has held a few volunteer projects already and have been making progress in getting these large kiosks built. Local off-highway vehicle clubs have been very supportive in participating with this project and the BLM would like to thank them. We look forward to con-tinuing to work on kiosks with them and other volunteers until they have all been built and in-stalled.

We have a few kiosks that are ready to be installed, and have started others. Building kiosks will continue February 15th at the BLM Price Field Of-fice. On March 1st and 2nd we will start installing these kiosks, and finishing them in the field. Anyone interested in participating with this project, or with questions, please contact Jaydon Mead at the BLM Price Field Office (435-636-3646).

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