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There will be light at Sunnyside Junction

Sunnyside Junction will soon have solar powered lights to illuminate the turn from Highway 6 at night.

Sun Advocate associate editor

The County Commission decided Wednesday that it has no problem with maintaining two streetlights at Sunnyside Junction.

The location is where US 6 and U-123 intersect going to and from East Carbon and Sunnyside.

Plans call for the Utah Department of Transportation to install two light structures and provide solar-powered batteries to illuminate the intersection at night. Carbon County will be responsible for upkeep.

This arrangement is in keeping with state law, which says local governments are responsible for lighting state highways while UDOT is responsible for interstate highways.

There had been some concern among East Carbon officials that the county might be reluctant to assume the cost of maintenance. However, the East Carbon council met a week before the item appeared on the commission agenda, so the misgivings were premature, commissioners said.

The expense of maintenance is estimated at $400 per year.

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