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Short notice, safe landing

The USAF Thunderbolt jet coasts northward on runway 18-36 after making a smooth emergency landing at the Carbon County Airport.
The troubled aircraft is straight and level on approach secords before landing.
After a smooth touchdown the jet coasts up the runway.
Ambulance, sheriff and Highway Patrol vehicles arrive at the airport.
Price fire fighters were prepared but fortunately not necessary.
One of three Price fire trucks races to the scene.

Sun Advocate associate editor

A US Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt attack aircraft made a successful emergency landing at the Carbon County Airport Wednesday morning shortly after 10 a.m.

The specific cause of the emergency was not immediately available, but an Air Force spokesman had told The Salt Lake Tribune that the pilot had reported trouble with one of the two engines. The plane was apparently unable to taxi from the north end of the runway 18-36, the airport's main take-off and landing runway.

The runway is 8,313 feet long, which is long enough to accommodate large private jets and aparently military attack and fighter aircraft as well.

There was no smoke or fire apparent as the A10 landed, nor any visible damage to the exterior of the plane.

The plane was en route from Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona to Hill AFB. The Price Fire Department scrambled three engines and crews. Price Police, Carbon County deputy sheriffs and the county ambulance also stood by on the tarmac.

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