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Letter to the Editor: Fly the flag during hard times


On September 11, 2001 some of the people from the Middle East flew airplanes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. They killed thousands of people. Luckily there were only three planes that crashed and the other terrorist attack schedules were not able to be carried out. President Bush has been fighting the war against terrorism since 9/11 and now he is fighting other evil men in Iraq who, we think, have made weapons of mass destruction.

President Bush was put in as President right before all this happened. He knew that we had to do something because the Iraqi leaders are very dangerous. The plan was to get over to the places we would bomb, declare war, and be done with it. Some people do not agree with this war. They just think that Bush wants to be called a hero.

I totally agree with President Bush. I feel that with these horrible people living we cannot feel safe. My Uncle Charles will be going over to Iraq soon. He's doing it for his country and our freedom. Although I don't want him to go, I feel that it is necessary. People say that we are killing innocent people by bombing their country. Our investigations show that Iraqi leaders are killing their own people. I say we will be saving more people than we are killing. I am very grateful for all the people in our country, as well as in the entire world, who are fighting for us and our liberty. It will be hard, but if we can pull together as one it will be easier on the troops.

After 9/11 people all over the country raised their flags and showed their patriotism. Right now there are very few flags being flown, at the very hardest time for our nation. Now is the time to raise the flag.

My Uncle Charles and the rest of the military troops are my heroes and our family flies the flag proudly.

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