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By Jordon Bigelow

What is the first thing that comes to mind when the word "gamer" is mentioned? For most people, they think of an individual who lacks social skills and lives in their parents' basement. Well, I am here to put this stereotype to rest.

Most people don't know that there is a scene for gamers to come together and compete for large sums of money. For a long time there has been a sport, a sport unrecognized and under appreciated known as gaming. It is known by most individuals as e-sports. Obviously this stands for electronic sports. I'm sure many laugh at this idea of video games being a sport. However, people can make well over 100k a year if they are successful. Yes, they make this money by playing video games. Still laughing at the idea?

Have you ever heard of the acronym MLG? What about MLB, NBA, NCAA? I am sure most people recognize 3 of the 4. MLG stands for Major League Gaming and is one of the many large organizations that sponsors events for e-sports. There are number of games that people compete with on a professional level. Such game titles include StarCraft II, Black Ops II, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and many more. The title I will be focusing on is StarCraft II.

I myself am currently in the process of becoming a professional player. I'm sure a lot of people laughed there as well, but don't jump to conclusions too fast. Why would anyone want to play video games for a living? Well a number of reasons really, and I will share with you the obvious answer. That is because people who are passionate about it love what they do-just like anyone who becomes a professional runner, basketball player, etc. Why do they get to play for money while the rest of us have to work?

Let's talk a little bit about what StarCraft II is. It is a game known as an RTS, or a real-time-strategy, and it is played on the computer with a keyboard and mouse. Basically there are two players who are competing against each other on a map. The two players try to get an economy going by harvesting things such as minerals and vespene gas. Then with their economy they are able to create an army and try to overrun the other opponent. This game requires a lot of thinking and strategy. Most people who play this game are very smart and very quick with their hands. I love this game so much because it requires you to actually practice and become fast with your mind. It also requires a huge amount of dexterity with your hands. You have to know what to do in your mind, but you also need to be able to perform what you want as fast as you can. Most people look at video gaming and think that people who play them are lazy, and they couldn't be more wrong. There is a link below for anybody interested in watching just how fast you have to be to compete on a professional level.

All kidding aside, nobody should judge another because of what they love doing. Whether that be making music, playing games, running, skydiving, etc. So next time before you think that video games are the source of all evil. Think of all of the wonderful people who play them and love them. We are normal human beings and we don't all live in our parents' basement without any social life.

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