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Event now scheduled for SuperBowl weekend

On Saturday, Feb. 2 the first ever Fruitcake Extravaganza is going to take place in Sutherlands parking lot at 406 South Highway 55.

Originally it was scheduled for last weekend, but inclement weather set it back a week. The forecast is for the sun to be out and temperatures between 35-40 degrees for Saturday. There are three events the public can participate in and the cost of admission is free.

The first competition is a hand fruitcake toss. We will be awarding a Miter Saw worth $299 to the person who can throw the fruitcake they bring with them the farthest. The number of contestants is limited to 50 participants.

1. The fruitcake must be uncut and unwrapped from any kind of cellophane, plastic or cardboard.

2. The person throwing the fruitcake must not use any kind of device to throw such as a paddle or a Lacrosse stick.

3. All fruitcakes must be thrown underhand; no overhand throwing.

4.Once the fruitcake has been thrown the thrower will stand next to the throwing course to mark their spot. Only one throw per person.

Then there is the fruitcake relay. We will time the event as teams of four people run a 100 yard course each with a fruitcake on a bread board (both of which the Sun Advocate will supply for consistency) through a survival course without dropping the fruitcake on the ground. There will be no touching it with your fingers or any other body part either. Each of member of the winning four person team will be awarded an oscillating tool worth $99. The event will be limited to 15 teams. Here are the rules.

1. Once the whistle to start is blown, no member of the team may touch the fruitcake in any way with their hands or other body parts. Relays must be done by sliding the fruitcake onto the next runner's breadboard.

2. The course will involve running around pylons and stepping over various obstacles while keeping the fruit cake on the bread board.

3. Runners must stay on the course or they will be disqualified. Missing any one of the obstacles also means disqualification.

4.The event will be timed. The team with the best time will be judged to be the prize winners.

5.The Sun Advocate will supply the fruitcake and breadboards for this event. You cannot use your own equipment or fancy fruitcake for this event.

Third, bring your own fruitcake art. Whatever creation you can come up with a fruitcake (or fruitcakes) as the center of an art piece. our contest team will judge. Prizes will be given for the top three pieces of art as is determined by the judges. First place will get a $50 gift card to Sutherlands, second place will get a $25 gift card and third place will get a $15 gift card. Judging will take place during the relay races.

The Sun Advocate will also be having a half price sale from Noon until 3 p.m. Instead of the normal subscription price of $42 for the year for 104 issues, you can get it for $22 (in-county subscriptions only and the offer is good for new and renewal subscriptions). We will also be having a two for one sale in which Carbon residents can get both the Sun Advocate and the Emery County Progress, delivered to your home for the low price of $44.

On top of these offers you can also "super-size" them. For another $10 you can take either of the subscription offers and get the complete digital version of the Sun Advocate for a year as well. This is not the standard web page at, but a complete issue of the paper twice a week in digital form.

There is no preregistration for the events. Registration for those begins at Noon that day and individuals and teams must be registered 15 minutes before the event takes place.There is no cost to register with the exception of having your own fruitcake for the fruitcake throw.

Here is the timetable for the events:

Noon: Registration begins for events and for the art show. Sun Advocate half price sale begins.

12:30 p.m. Fruitcake Art display begins.

1 p.m. The Fruitcake Relay Race.

2 p.m. The Fruitcake Throw.

3 p.m. Sun Advocate half-price sale ends. Prizes awarded for winners of competitions.

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