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Letters to the Editor

By Fred D. Richardson

The facts

I have thought, for a month now, on Joe Stock's answer, on Dec. 11 to my letter, of Nov. 20 (Letters to the Editor). I would like to respond. I asked Obama supporters, to help me understand -"the logic you used to make up your minds". I also said, I used "Facts", in my letter and asked anyone choosing to respond, to " please do the same".

Ms. Stock describes herself as a liberal Christian and her example of liberalism was Jesus Christ. In Jesus' time, He was liberal and broad minded. The case of the woman, taken in adultery, comes to mind to prove Joe's point. In today's politics, the two points of view have been reversed. If Jesus were here today, he would be conservative. I too, admire Jon Huntsman Sr. He is liberal as Jesus is liberal, but by today's standards, he is a conservative. I will prove my point a little further on.

In her criticism of Mitt Romney, Joe uses the same old tired insinuations and lies, the Democrats used to run Mitt Romney down. These were proven false, but liberals believed what they wanted to believe. No facts! As far as outsourcing - Right after President Obama bailed GM and Chrysler out, GM announced two new motor assembly plants, to be built in Mexico; employing 1,000 workers. No complaint from the UAW. How about that for outsourcing?

I would like to go to my letter to prove my point, about the ideas of liberalism and conservatism, being switched in today's society. In number three in my letter, I spoke of President Obama's declaration of war on our largest Christian religion (Catholic Church). He did away with our National Day of Prayer, while celebrating a non-Christian holiday on White House grounds. What would Jesus think of that?

Joe ignored point number five, in my letter, where I said that President Obama supports the killing of partially born babies. If Joe will refer to Matthew 18: 5 & 6, in the New Testament, she will see how the Savior felt about people who condone the abuse or killing of babies.

As far as Joe's not complaining about tax increases, I refer him to item number two in my letter, where citing facts, I said that the average middle class family's income has dropped $5,000.00 per year, under President Obama.

As far as President Obama passing some great legislation in his first two years, I would remind Joe that Obamacare has over 20 new taxes in it. How will that look on your paycheck? As far as President Obama's being willing to compromise, there is none. It is his way or no way.

I am a conservative Christian and my view on killing babies is the same as the Savior's and that is completely opposite from President Obama's and todays liberals. Conservatives want less government, less spending and waste and lower taxes. I requested " facts" from anyone wishing to disprove my thinking, but I don't really see any.

I thank you for your interest, but you have not changed my thinking at all. I stay with the known truths.

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