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Letters to the Editor

By Rayette Jones

For research

We are doing a Cancer research for the Carbon County area. We are looking for people that lived in the areas between 100 East to 1100 Easst and from Main Street to 900 North in Price.

We are interested in anyone that has had cancer or has it now, or any family member that may have had it.

We are also interested in if there are any birth defects in a family and what they are.

WE have set have set up a group on Facebook for this purpose. The name of the group is Carbon County Utah Cancer Research. We also have an email address of

If anyone would like to share their information that would be great. Right now alkl you need to tell us is who had (or has) cancer such as you, your mom, your sister, etc. Also we would like to know what kind of cancer afllicted your family.

If you did not live in this area, then please put where you did live.

We will update the site with any information that would be helpful to anyone.

I know that my family suffered from cancer and also birth defects. We have been trying for decades to get answers, but no one wants to give them to us. Please help with this.

We do have a couple of different routes to with this right now, but we need this information to move forward.

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