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Letter to the Editor

By Bev Palmer
East Carbon

Ups and downs

Being one of the 65 and older residents living in the Sunnyside/East Carbon area I felt the need to respond to the letter written by Dean Jones (Letters to the Editor, Sun Advocate Dec. 20, 2012).

I have lived in Sunnyside for 57 years and have witnessed the ups and downs of living in a coal mining town. When the livelihood was stable and the mines were working good and the young families out numbered the aging you would have been hard pressed to find a community that took more pride in not only their families but also their properties. As the years have passed and the two coal mines, Kaiser Steel and U.S. Steel are now in the history books, many of our younger families have had to leave the area in search of steady work.

Therefore, Mr. Jones, the aging became the caretakers of our cities and believe it or not we do the best we can. I am sure it would be out of the question to even suggest that possibly you could volunteer some of your time to lend a hand to an elderly widow or someone who is home bound. No, it appears it is much easier for you to pass judgment and make unkind remarks toward a people and a community that you know nothing about.

So, Mr. Jones, don't be embarrassed for us or by us but be embarrassed for the hurtful statements you have made. We share the same county and whether you like it or not. I don't see Sunnyside or East Carbon disappearing off the face of the earth.

It is so much easier to become part of a solution than to be the virus that passes hate and discrimination.

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