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Letters to the editor

By Doris Harrison
East Carbon

Great place to live

My husband and I moved to East Carbon in 2003 for a couple reasons.

The most important reason was my mother-in-law's failing health, but

also, we wanted to get out of the city and move to a small town where the pace is slower.

When my mother-in-law passed away our children thought we would want to move closer to them. We have three children; one in Ogden, one in Iowa and one in California. We were thinking, surely they can't be serious, but they were and brought it up on more than one occasion. At one point we realized that we just do not want to live anywhere but East Carbon, Utah, and we told them that! We absolutely love it here.

Our children were here with us for Christmas and consider visiting

with us in East Carbon a real vacation. They can jump on the four wheelers and enjoy the fabulous countryside! They can take a walk on the trail and take pictures of wildlife! They can look out the window

and see clean air and beautiful landscapes! Yes, we do have some broken down houses in our neighborhood and the view going in and out

of town isn't always pleasant, but that is not enough to make us want

to live anywhere else.

Our town has a clinic, two museums, several churches, a post office, a credit union, a thrift store, a beauty shop, a gas station, a school, two restaurants, a gun range, a wellness center, a physical therapist, car repair shop and Sunnyside is right next door with Miner's Trading Post, a credit union, an antique store, post office and Union Hall. I know there are also people in our towns that have businesses in their homes.

A few things that are really unique to our area are the big horn sheep that come in the spring, the fact that we can leave our yard and drive up to Bruin Point that has an elevation of over 10,000 feet and wonderful ATV trails! I call this area "4 wheeler heaven"!

It really is a great place to live!

We have made friends with some wonderful people in East Carbon and

Sunnyside since we moved here in 2003. If you haven't experienced living here like we have, do not criticize our area!

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