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Mother who survived truck crash in bedroom in May gives birth

Sun Advocate reporter

May 2, 2012 began happily enough for Megan Clark and her fiance Ryan Smith. They found out they were going to have a new baby. Before dawn on May 3, though, a pickup truck smashed through the bedroom wall of their Helper home, nearly crushing them both.

They survived the ordeal - and so did the baby.

Megan and Ryan welcomed the newest addition to their family with son Rylee Adam Smith on Dec. 31 at 8:12 a.m. Rylee weighs in at 6 lbs 11 oz and 19 1/2 inches, according to Clark's mother Diana Green.

Green said Clark is recovering at Castleview Hospital after having the baby delivered by Caesarian section.

"The couple is doing fine and we're all just happy that baby Rylee is happy and healthy," Green said.

For Mom, Dad and baby, things did not look so cheerful on that night last May. Just hours after the couple went to sleep in their home in Helper, their worst nightmare came to life as a truck traveling down Main Street jumped a few curbs before crashing through the side of the home where the couple were sleeping.

Clark was closer to the wall and was pinned completely under the truck. One of the truck's tires was resting directly on her chest, making it hard to breathe and communicate. Smith, who was partially pinned by the truck, was able to maneuver around and push the truck back enough to free himself while unknowingly moving the truck's tire off of Clark's chest and on to her right shoulder.

Things got even scarier. When the truck slammed into the house, not only did it tear down walls, it also ruptured a gas line which began spewing natural gas into the house. Emergency personnel had to wait nearly an hour until it was safe to go in and rescue her.

Smith suffered cuts, bruises and injuries to his chest and ribs. Clark was transported to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo. Doctors diagnosed her with a broken clavicle, fractured vertebra, a severely sprained ankle, broken blood vessel in her right eye along with a number of bruises, cuts and scrapes.

With the pregnancy over, Clark will begin the process of continuing her rehabilitation from her injuries. Green said Clark may need surgeries on her knee, ankle and back in the coming year.

Despite the tough start to the year, Green said the addition of Rylee to the family ended the year on a high note for Clark, Smith and their two young children, Emmalei Ann and Ashlei Nicole.

"It's been a struggle for them this year with the accident and the recovery," Green said. "To end the year with a blessing like this is just what the family needed."

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