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Letters to the editor

By Carl Kem

You do not live here

As a resident of the East Carbon/Dragerton/Columbia/Sunnyside community I feel it is only proper that I respond to Mr. Jones and his plight (Sun Advocate, Letters to the Editor, Dec. 20, 2012).

Mr. Jones, let me cut to the chase- You do not live here. What happens

here does not affect you in any capacity imaginable. You get nothing

worthwhile from East Carbon.

Yet you say harmful and damaging things about people that you specifically named that are in this community, two of which I have a lot of respect for.

You Mr. Jones are a non-player. Until you live here and own real estate here, your opinion really doesn't matter to us. I'm not sure we want you here. But I know I want to hear an apology. A true heart felt apology.

Till then, please do not come here. And you owe two fine gentlemen

apologies as well.

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