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Letters to the editor

By Susan Heroff
East Carbon

Sad to see letter

out to Mr. Jones is that we the people in your so called dying shanty town pay taxes, support our local businesses and we are good people. We can justify spending state taxes on a water project because we do pay taxes. Mr. Jones you may not like where I live or the people that are my community but I love and appreciate each and every one of them. You see I left Sunnyside, Utah in 1967 and have always wanted to come back and live here.

We all have the right to live where ever we choose but for you to call my beautiful community a shanty town is not appropriate. I believe that the mayors of Sunnyside and East Carbon and the Council people do represent me. I am proud to be a new/returned resident to East Carbon and would like to thank the Mayor's of Sunnyside and East Carbon and Councilman Dave Maggio for working together to try to resolve the water issue.

Remember Mr. Jones, many of us shanty town dwellers spend money in Price, Wellington, and Helper and you benefit from the taxes you collect each time we buy gas, food and other services. With the state of the world today be grateful for each of us that live in Sunnyside or East Carbon and for the help we bring to your community.

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