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Gifts share blessings with those less fortunate

Michael Schmitz sits with the presents he donated to the CJC.

Sun Advocate reporter

When Michael Schmitz saw a collection of toys, books and clothes in his room that he wasn't using anymore, he decided something needed to be done.

Schmitz, 9, quickly gathered up the materials and began to put each item in wrapping paper with the idea of donating his unused goods to the Carbon County Family Support and Children's Justice Center.

As he brought the wrapped materials downstairs to the living room, his mother, Heather Schmitz, asked what the gifts were for. When she heard Michael's response, tears began to well in her eyes, she said.

"I watched as he brought the presents down all wrapped all and I just cried," she said.

Schmitz said she was "extremely proud" to drive Michael over to the CJC on Thursday morning to drop off the materials he decided to donate.

"I'm just so proud of him for choosing to do something like that," she said.

Michael said he came up with the idea as he looked around in his room noticing all that he has to be thankful for. His thoughts then shifted to those families with young children who may not be as fortunate especially during the holiday season.

"I just felt bad that I had all this stuff and some people don't have anything," Michael, a third grader at Creekview Elementary, said. "I just wanted to chip in and help out."

Jessica Molinar, with the CJC, said a lot of materials were donated over the course of December to the center. Clothes and toys, like Michael donated, were some of the main items that were donated, Molinar said.

Throughout the month of December, the center held the Shop for Free event where parents could come in and pick out clothes and toys for their children. Everything donated to the center goes to help out families in need, she said. And any items left over that are not picked up ultimately go to other organizations including Deseret Industries.

"We've been able to help out quite a bit of families this year with everything that has been donated to us," Molinar explained.

The thought of helping others is now something he would like to do more often, Michael said.

"It feels good to know someone might have a smile on their face," after receiving the goods donated, he said.

Now Michael said he hopes to get his fellow classmates at Creekview Elementary interested in helping donate materials to families in need across Carbon County.

"I think people who donate will feel really good by helping out others giving them something to smile about," he said.

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