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KUSA to begin 'Cash Mob' to support local businesses

Frank Ori and Corina Otani of The Morning Buzz on KUSA FM100 have started a mob. It's the KUSA Cash Mob, a group of people who are passionate about stimulating the local economy and supporting local businesses.

Cash Mobbing plays on the idea of a Flash Mob - but rather than performing a dance or song, the group of Cash-Mobbers flood local, independent businesses with $20 in hand, and spend it on desired merchandise.??Cash mobs are beginning all over the country and now Price is on the National Cash Mob website at

Each month a local business is chosen as a Cash Mob location. The location remains a secret until the Mob takes place, but mobbers are instructed to meet at a certain time and place just before the event. "We don't want people to decide not to come to an event because they think they won't find anything they want to buy there," explains Corina, "One of the things we want to accomplish with this, is to show people the variety of merchandise available at different local businesses that they wouldn't normally visit."

"We realize that one Cash Mob Event isn't going to save a business that is close to going out of business," says Frank, "but we're hoping to change the way people think about shopping locally in comparison to leaving town and therefore help all local businesses in the long run."

To learn more about the KUSA Cash Mob, call at 637-1080 or visit their website at

Those who what to see how it works without joining can check out the first Cash Mob event Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 5:30 p.m. Park vehicles on 700 East between Big Moe's and Key Bank and the mob location will be disclosed at that time.

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