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Candy trains in Wellington

Memphis Howell puts the finishing touches on his candy train with mom, Jaime Howell.

Kindergarteners at Wellington Elementary have been building the locomotive sweets for 20 years, according to Kindergarten Teacher Brenna Penry.

"It wouldn't be Christmas in Wellington without a candy train," she said. "Children from five to 95 have enjoyed this special day year after year."

The school involves parents and grandparents in the event, making it a family affair.

Students and their crew are provided with chocolate, peppermint, gum drops and all other manner of goodies. The sheer amount of candy allows each family to build a unique train.

"These treats are held together by sweet glue (frosting) and the entire train is edible," said Penry. "Most don't even get the train home before a chunk is missing."

The trains were built in the Wellington Kindergarten Classes of Penry, Jennifer Prince and Ashton Hansen.

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