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New Roads opens Price facility, aims at helping drug rehab

Sun Advocate reporter

After four years of market and community analysis, the Business Expansion and Retention Project stepped up to its biggest victory yet as the New Roads Treatment facility opened its doors last week. The economic development program began courting a new treatment program several years ago as the need for inpatient treatment became apparent through their company interviews.

"Business repeatedly told us that they were having a difficult time keeping a drug free work force employed," said BEAR Executive Delynn Fielding, who is also the Director of Economic Development for Carbon County. "New Roads showed an amazing amount of interest in our area and plans moved forward from there."

According to BEAR Executive Karl Kraync, following the group's initial treatment effort with Four Corners Behavioral Health, the development group sent out letters to every inpatient treatment facility in the state.

Expressed interest

"Out of all the letters we sent, New Roads provided our only response," explained Kraync.

Kraync and Fielding then toured the facility and continued the negotiations which would bring New Roads to Carbon County.

Initially, New Roads will only provide outpatient treatment here in Price while referring those in need of intensive care to their center inpatient facility in Provo.

Economic development personal have stated that they will continue to demonstrate the need for local inpatient care, a matter which New Roads officials have agreed to perpetually consider based on need. The staff, however feels that the current situation could also prove beneficial to those in need.

"The social detox that comes from leaving your home area for treatment can be vital," explained New Roads Director of Business Development Jessie Dennerline. "We see that there is a great deal of need here and right now we are excited to bridge our way into this community."

Dennerline, who is the child of an alcoholic father, became involved in substance abuse treatment when she lost her father suddenly in 2010.

"He had been in treatment and sober for about a year and relapsed," she explained. "He was only 50 but his heart had been through enough and it stopped in his sleep. So when that happened, I left my career. I left Arizona where I was working in real estate and had just finished my masters. But when I got back here, I knew I wanted to get involved with treatment."

The business administrator got the opportunity she was looking for at New Roads right after moving home and worked her way through most positions at the facility.

Corey Markisich, who joined Dennerline in opening the facility last Thursday, is the Outpatient Director for New Roads overseeing both their Intensive Outpatient Program as well as Suboxone Treatment at their Salt Lake location. As with Dennerline, Markisich's education initially had very little to do with substance abuse treatment or even counseling.

"Oddly enough, I actually graduated with a bachelors in finance," laughed the New Roads executive. "After working in the financial world for awhile, I decided I didn't really want to do that for the rest of my life. I went back to school and ended up going through substance abuse treatment courses and then found that I loved it."

Markisich's early treatment career would take him to Utah's Odyssey House where he worked through several positions before becoming the facility manager. He would return to school following his time at Odyssey House to finish his Masters of Business Administration.

"At the end of my degree work, I helped a couple of investors who had built a facility but needed programs," he explained "I helped them get that rolling and then came to New Roads."

Markisich is quick to praise the approach New Roads takes to treatment after years of seeing more stringent programs fail.

"New Roads is a very excepting place. They don't coddle but if somebody is struggling, they are a lot less likely to take the one strike and your out approach," he said. "I have seen that approach at other facilities and had a hard time dealing with it."

In addition to inpatient and outpatient services, New Roads also offers transitional programs which follow their clients into the community in order to provide a smoother return to sober living. All of New Road's are currently available to the community through their location at the Business and Technical Center on Carbon Avenue.

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