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Only 21 stealing,scamming days left until Christmas

Sun Advocate associate editor

Suspects arrested for taking host's credit card

Two purported traveling salespersons had their journey interrupted when they were arrested in Price for stealing a credit card from a prospective customer last week.

According to Price Police Capt. Bill Barnes, the two suspects are from Cincinnati. Police think they took advantage of the good nature and trust they found here.

As Barnes outlined the story, the duo were going door-to-door, ostensibly selling magazines to benefit needy children.

At one home, one of them asked to use restroom. The homeowner agreed. Then, because they said they were thirsty, the homeowner cracked open a few beers and shared them with the visitors.

The host then left the room for a minute or two, came back in and said goodbye as the sales people left.

He later discovered his credit card was missing.

As it turned out, his missing card left a trail of charges between here and Provo amounting to several hundred dollars.

The victim reported it to police, and the credit card company shut down the card and agreed to cover losses.

Several days later, while driving through Price, the victim spotted the two sales people in Price again. He called the cops, who responded quickly and made the arrest.

Booked into Carbon County Jail were Dontae S. Smith, 32, and Shavon Caprice Neshay Graves, 22.

"The people of Price and Carbon County have big hearts and we're compassionate," Capt. Barnes said, but letting strangers into one's home and then leaving them alone is probably not a good idea.

Smith and Graves did have a business license to operate in Price as out-of-town merchants, Barnes said.

The captain said there are plenty of reputable businesses and charities visiting homes door-to-door, but there's always a need to use some caution in dealing with strangers.

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