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	NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Utah Municipal Code 10-9a-208 that
a public hearing will be held to receive public comment concerning the
proposed vacation of portions of streets located in Cleveland, Utah
84518.  The Public Hearing will be held at 6:30 PM on December 13,
2012 at 130 West Main, Cleveland, Utah 84518.  If you have any
questions, or need to view a map of the proposed streets, please
contact Cleveland Town at 435-653-2310.

	The streets proposed for vacation are as follows:

	200 North Street (from 600 East going East to end of East Cleveland
Town limits
	100 West Street (from Main Street going North approximately 140 feet)
	100 West Street (from 100 South going South approximately 516 feet to
the end of Town limits
	100 South Street (approximately 234 feet on the West half going West
through to 400 West) between Plat blocks B7 & B14
	200 West Street (from 100 South, south approximately 516 feet to end
of Town limits

Jamie Jensen, Clerk
Cleveland Town
Published in the Sun Advocate November 29, 2012

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