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Car slams into nursing home car port

The car hit hard enough to push the support off its base, but there were no injuries in the crash

Sun Advocate reporter

The residents at Pinnacle Nursing and Rehabilitation received a mild shock Tuesday, as a local teen over-corrected on Cedar Hills Drive, plowing into a support structure for the front carport.

According to Price City Police Officer Susan Hyde, the 16-year-old driver and her 15-year-old passenger were traveling north on Cedar Hills Drive when their car veered sharply right, jumped the curb, knocked over a flag pole and collided with the building.

Neither the driver nor passenger demonstrated serious injuries at the scene. However, Officer Hyde noted that an ambulance was called to the scene because of their age and that both of the vehicle's air bags had deployed.

As for the Pinnacle residents, those on scene reported that the only thing that upset them was seeing the American flag on the ground following the accident.

"We will make sure that either the Boy Scouts or the National Guard gets this flag and it is handled appropriately," said Price City Police Detective Ed Malmgren, who was also investigating the incident.

The driver was cited for improper lane travel, according to Hyde, who also noted that driver and passenger's use of safety belts most likely aided greatly in the pair's lack of injuries.

"The vehicle hit the that support structure hard enough to knock it off its base," she said.

The estimated damage at Pinnacle should range between $5,000 and $10,000, according to Hyde.

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