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'Masked rapist'sentenced to at least 15 years

Dwaine Shaw is escorted from the court room after sentencing.
County Attorney Gene Strate shows a photo of the clown mask.

Sun Advocate associate editor

Dwaine Stacey Shaw has been sentenced to not less than 15 years at the Utah State Prison for a violent sexual attack on a Wellington woman last January. Shaw, 22, pleaded guilty in Seventh District Court on Oct. 15 to charges of aggravated burglary, rape, forcible sodomy and aggravated kidnapping.

Judge Douglas B. Thomas sentenced Shaw Monday to "an indeterminate term of not less than 15 years, which may be life" for the kidnapping, and terms of not less than five years on each of the other three crimes. The judge ordered the terms to be served concurrently. Judge Thomas also ordered the defendant to pay $3,506.59 to Crime Victims Reparation.

During the assault, Shaw was wearing a clown mask - not a kid's mask but "a terrifying thing that covered his whole face" according to a Wellington Police Sgt. Kelly Maynes, who made the arrest.

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