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Letters to the editor

By Robert Warren
East Carbon

Letter the President

America was founded as a Constitutional Republic but all of your actions have ignored that fact. Now we hear that you are considering raising the debt ceiling without Congressional approval. Historically the House of Representatives has that responsibility yet, you think you can decree the debt ceiling raised like a common dictator or king.

You can start wars, appoint czars, shut down drilling in the gulf, deny Texas funding for fires while showering New Mexico with money for fires, and appoint lying Supreme Court judges with pretty much zero oversight. You can do all these things in between golf games and million dollar vacations for your wife.

You tell us that we need to be more patient with your policies to take hold so that we can see the results we are all longing for. The problem is that the second recession has already started and some are calling it by its right name; a depression. Things are falling apart in America.

The government is peeling off its stimulus programs, gas and food prices skyrocketed. Since then, the difference between last year and this year has been near zero in real terms. That drop suggests the U.S. may have entered into a recession months ago. It would appear that your trillion dollar stimulus is a bust failing to create any substantial American jobs.

Your tenure so far as president is a total failure. Facts are facts. We have grown to know you pretty well over that time and your actions are predictable. Four more years of failed policies.

Take the scandal in your Department of Justice (DOJ) known as operation Gun Walker where you decided to sell thousands of guns to the Mexican drug cartels. The DOJ created that mess but then you and your minions decided to turn it into a gun control issue with Secretary of State Clinton and the President of Mexico blaming American gun manufacturers for all the deaths from the sale of these guns. Nice try but you got busted by Senator Grassley and House member Issa.

Then the lies to cover-up the real story why you failed to protect our ambassador and three Americans in Libya avoiding your first responsibility to protect Americans abroad. You turned your back on them to fly to Los Vegas. Allowing them to be murdered by terrorists. Only you know the real truth and you aren't talking.

Even when it is obvious to the whole world that you and you minions are responsible for this blood bath on the Arizona border the casualties keep rolling in. You have flooded the border with guns and Arizonans are being killed routinely, yet you hang onto your crisis making mechanism.

You are very predictable the same old Marxist-Socialist playbook. First you create a crisis; then you blame someone who has nothing to do with the crisis. Then you implement whatever policy you wanted from the start. Our reason for mentioning your predictability is it makes you very transparent. There is no mystery about what you will do.

Take your latest fight with the Republicans on the debt ceiling. Step one to create a crisis where people believe the government is going to collapse. Step two is to blame it on someone like the Republicans who had nothing to do with the problem which is a grotesque trillion dollar spending spree which we do not have. Step three is to implement the policy you wanted to anyway.

In this case, while all eyes are on the debt ceiling fight, the Fed has already started QE3. These bailouts are unlimited. While no one is paying attention, you have figured out a way to get what you wanted all along, unlimited printing of phony money for whatever you want.

Whether you go in through the front door with trillion dollar bailouts or you slide in through the back door with unlimited bank bailouts uncontrolled spending is uncontrolled spending. How long do you think it will take for those unlimited dollars to make their way back to the United States?

It is as easy as a few wire transfers. In the end both parties are going to seem reasonable regarding the debt ceiling for the sake of all the suckered in Zombie voters when in reality both parties knew the fix was in with these back door bailouts.

Now you have a open door to shove ObamaCare down our throats that the majority of Americans don't want.

It just does not seem like you know what you are doing. Whatever you promise the opposite happens.

Either you are a flake and or you are a Marxist-socialist walking cliché hiding in a Trojan horse determined to eradicate the United States from the face of the planet.

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