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Letters to the editor

By Kathryn Larson

local coverage

We had to read the "Sun Advocate to find who won the election for House District 69. And, while HD 60 represents all of Carbon County, parts of Emery and Grand, Duchesne County is also in the mix. In the recent redistricting, Duchesne County became the patchwork quilt, now being a part of three different house districts. We also became the new stepchild of Congressional District 1 and no longer a part of District 2.

Jerry Anderson was elected in HD 69, but would Christine Watkins have been a better choice, having served three terms for HD 69? We don't know, because we had no chance to review their issues and goals discussed in our local newspaper. With Congressional District 1, who would have better represented Duchesne County, Bishop, the current member of a fractured Congress, or McAleer, a business woman and veteran? Again, we don't know because we had no opportunity to compare the issues.

Duchesne County is a significant source of State revenues. But, are we known, appreciated or valued? Along the Wasatch Front, too often we have to explain that we are the "part of Utah that Wyoming sits on top of" to even begin to get a glimmer of understanding. And, since we aren't on the I-15 corridor, we are not recognized.

Our current representative, Kraig Powell, has taken the time to write and submit his "Keeping House" segments in our local paper, which gave us some ideas what was happening in our legislature. As residents of Duchesne County, part of the Uintah Basin and Eastern Utah, we must keep ourselves active and aware of legislative and political actions to insure our growth and safety with the representative choices we make.

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