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Letter to the Editor: Standing back won't work



Years ago I heard a story about a farm boy in math class. The teacher asked, "If there were 10 sheep in a corral and one jumped out, how many sheep would be left?" This little boy said, "None." She said, "Johnny, why do you say that?" He said, "If one jumped out they would all follow. You may know numbers teacher, but you don't know sheep."

Now, before we hurt our sides from laughing so hard at our poor little wolfie friends, let us look at our own society.

We seldom turn on the television but we see where some crackpot has shouted "no war" and immediately he has a crowd of human sheep ready to carry their signs and shout their chants. They seem to do it with never a thought of the consequences of standing back until our enemies drop their atom bombs thus killing millions of innocent people.

Yes, we hate war, but we live in a world with people who like war and have no feelings for human life.

In the late 1930's and early 1940's President Roosevelt tried to encourage the American people to prepare for war. But for the most part his words fell on deaf ears. People said we are a neutral country. As a consequence Japan caught us with our guard at half mast, and a few million good people died as a result.

Now our president is trying to take steps to prevent the loss of American lives and the above named 'psyco's are calling him a "war monger."

This is somewhat reminiscent of what happened two thousands years ago when someone shouted "crucify him," and the whole crowd joined in with the same chant. It has been said of this occasion, "pilate's hands were never so dirty as when he washed them."

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