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Letters to the editor

By M.L. Stock
East Carbon

Romney was the flake

Robert Warren (Sun Advocate, Oct. 25) accused President Obama of being a flake. The dictionary defines a flake as something that is flaked off an object. What object? The word fraking or fraking off more accurately describes Mitt Romney who had to be an extreme right wing Tea Partier to win the primatry election. He flaked into a moderate Republican for the general election.

In the last debate Obama identified those 47 percent who didn't make enough moenyt o pay federal taxes, people on Social Security, veterans and families on minimum wage or in poverty. Think about it. Most of the people on Social Security are people like your aunt, uncle, father, mother or grand parents. Would you prefer they starved or moved in with you>

It was the Bush administration that put the American economy in the toilet. If you remember correctly bush criticized Clinton for having a surplus and he thought that surplus should be returned to the taxpayer. He also thought that the wealthy had paid more taxes and should get the most tax breaks.

Romney was running a voodoo economics campaign saying we should give the one percent and large corporations more tax breaks, like Bush did. He said this would create more jobs. But that money was used to their operations adn our jobs off shore and over seas. I am sure the Chinese are grateful for those millions of jobs that the one percent crated for them.

From what I could tell of Romney's campaign, he would have repeated the policies of Bush that got us in this mess.

When Obama took office our economy was in free fall. It was not regulated and that lack of regulationcaused the deep recession.

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