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Legal Notice of Decision

Blanding City Water Line Replacement

	On November 5, 2012, Allen Rowley, Acting Forest Supervisor, signed a
Decision Memo for the Blanding City Water Line Replacement project. 
The decision authorizes the company to occupy 18 acres of National
Forest System (NFS) lands for the purpose of replacing the city's
buried water line with a new 12 inch buried line; reconstructing the
existing collection weir and diversion, and replacing an existing 8
inch buried line with a new 8 inch buried line.  A special use permit
will be re-issued authorizing the continued use of the water line,
weir and diversion, and the reconstruction of pipeline utilizing three
staging areas, the existing pipeline right-of-way and the existing
well site.  After the reconstruction is complete, the authorized area
will be reduced to the pipeline right-of-way, well site and needed
access roads for maintenance.  Most of the construction, access roads,
and staging areas will be located within currently permitted areas and
previously/currently disturbed lands.  The Decision Memo is available
online at

	The Forest conducted a 30 day comment period by sending out letters
to approximately 90 interested parties on our public mailing list.  In
addition, a request for comments was published in the Sun Advocate
(newspaper of record) and the San Juan Record.  The project was
available for public review on our website and through the Forest's
Schedule of Proposed Actions.  A comment from The Navajo Nation was
received indicating the project will not impact Navajo traditional
cultural resources and that they have no concerns at this time.  Two
other comments were received; one from San Juan County in support of
the project, and another from Southeastern Utah Association of Local
Governments with a favorable comment  This decision is not subject to
appeal pursuant to 36 CFR 215.12.  Implementation may begin

	The U.S. Department of Agriculture is an equal opportunity provider
and employer.
Published in the Sun Advocate November 13, 2012.

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